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(No! Not the John Carpenter)

This site set up on 10th December 2006 (other pages being developed. Last update 16 Jan 2007)
My website hosted by :-


May I introduce John Carpenter?

If you really want to know about the "other John Carpenter" this link might help (or just scroll down).

The real me, in brief,

born in Wealdstone, now retired (was an engineer at Kodak)....still enjoying retirement,

and very interested in :-

My family and its history, the environment, health problems, my computers . . .

. . . and anything that catches my interest!

If you want to know about Wealdstone then click on it.

If you want to learn of my other interests?

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About (the other) John Carpenter

First, I'll cover what my Google search found in Dec 2006, or at least the first three pages.

Page 1 gave a link to '' site address , a geocities site with a l-o-n-g address

. . . . . . and a Wikipedia search.

Page 2 gave a link to and other sites, all about the famous film-maker.

Page 3 cited a couple of lesser-known John Carpenters; one (with US spelling) a jeweler and the other a Ford car dealer, otherwise it's all about - dare I say it - JC number1? (No, lets name him JC-2).

Not forgetting . . there is also a John Carpenter Street in London (but I don't know anything about him)

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