Imagine it's Quiz Night in a Wealdstone pub!

20 questions about Wealdstone before half-time, and then . . ?

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To play competitively, allow only thirty seconds to write down each answer.

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Good luck!

1. How many Wealdstones are there?

2. Where is my Wealdstone located?

3. What is it that gave it its 'identity'?

4. What was its first notable building?

5. When was that built?

6. What famous area is Wealdstone linked with?

7. What is the nearest mainline station?

8. What event caused the station to become world news?

9. When did it happen?

10. Which company was Wealdstone's largest private employer?

11. When was Wealdstone Football Club formed?

12. What did they win in 1966?

13. Where was their home ground that year?

14. How many (still-open) pubs are there around Wealdstone?

15. Name them.

16. What pubs have long since gone?

17. Who, in 2006, publicised Wealdstone on BBC Radio2?

18. Why did he publicise it?

19. Who represented the area in Parliament in the 1930's?

20. Why was the station built where it was?

You are half-way. Now for 20 general knowledge questions

21. What well-known school is in the area?

22. Who founded it?

23. What is Johann Gutenberg famous for?

24. Which Florentine explorer gave his name to America?

25. Which private company was the world's largest user of silver?

26. Who played Tarzan in more films than anyone else?

27. Who wrote the lyrics to "Porgy and Bess"?

28. Which actress's real name was Frances Gumm?

29. What is the only bird to give us leather?

30. What is a gynephobic man afraid of?

31. What is the term for a plant or an animal that is both male and female?

32. What is the fourth sign of the Zodiac?

33. What is the speed of sound at sea level called?

34. What is the tallest Art Deco styled building in the world?

35. In what year did Edward VIII abdicate?

36. Which is the largest ocean?

37. Who was known as 'the King of the Cowboys'?

38. What is 'spiced ham' better known as?

39. Which English city was called Aquae Sulis in Roman times?

40. What did Jabaz Wolffe make twenty-two attempts at between 1906 and 1914?

Me: Phew! My brains aching after that, I'm a bit out of practice!

You: Easy peasy! I hope I win tonight! Let's hear the answers.


1. Google UK says there is only one.

2. Middlesex, NW of London, and now part of Greater London.

3. A sarsen stone, called the 'Weald Stone' outside the pub with the same name.

4. The mainline railway station.

5. 18xx

6. Harrow (with a school on the hill)

7. Harrow and Wealdstone Station

8. It was the scene of a major rail crash.

9. 8th October 1952.

10. Kodak, part of Eastman Kodak.

11. 1899, but the club closed down during 1906-1908.

12. FA Amateur Cup against Hendon at Wembley Stadium.

13. High Mead, where Tesco now stands.

14. Four.

15. (From memory) The Case is Altered, The Wealdstone, The Goodwill To All, (one more).

16. The Queens Arms, The Iona, The Duke of Edinburgh,

17. Terry Wogan.

18. He was always held up in traffic.

19. Oswald Mosley.

20. Originally built for passengers to Harrow Public School who didn't want it too close to the school. (So I understand)

21. Harrow public school.

22. John Lyon.

23. Printing Press

24. Amerigo Vespucci

25. Kodak

26. Johnny Weissmuller

27. Ira Gershwin

28. Judy Garland

29. Ostrich

30. Women

31. Hermaphrodite

32. Cancer

33. Mach 1

34. The Empire State Building

35. 1936

36. Pacific

37. Roy Rogers

38. Spam

39. Bath

40. Swimming the English Channel.

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