My Family History

Genealogical puzzles

I would like to start with some items that I find puzzling in the course of researching my family history.

Who was Elizabeth Hodges?

We inherited the Sampler she made when she was 11; we have it framed and displayed on our wall.

I am seeking to find our link with this young girl, who would be about four generations back from us.

She may be from the all-female (X) line and possibly the mother of Mirium Sarah BOYES who is on our tree.

The sampler is well-made but faded. There are patterns round the edge, starts with the CAPITALS A to V, with WXYZ123456789 on the next line, then the whole alphabet in lower case.

After that is a four-line verse (very faded), followed by 'Elizabeth Hodges Aged 11'

Below that is an Elizabethan (?) manor house with a crown each side.

On the (original) backing paper are two neat messages.
One says 'This sampler was crotched approximately 1837' and the other in (possibly) different handwriting says 'Worked by Elizabeth Ann Hodges' with the date 1842 below it.

Perhaps she was born about 1826, took a long time to complete it to explain the 'approximately', and signed it when she was 16? It all seems feasible.

What is our connection with Bill Cody?

Why should my family have kept a copy of the Souvenir Programme of the "Cody" Benefit Matinee at the London Hippodrome on Tuesday September 16th 1913?

It is a very 'up-market' programme! There is no price on it so presumably was given to all who attended.

Who attended it, I wonder? There was an uncle who was an early flyer, so perhaps he made himself afford it, even though he was young at the time. Perhaps he was close to Bill Cody, who was very popular then. Who knows.

The programme is certainly one to keep, listing 20 patrons (including Winston Churchill), pages of poems and drawings by well-known people such as Mabel Lucy Attwell and Louis Wain, tributes, plus of course, details of all 45 turns by well-known artistes of the time. They were in alphabetical order (so as to give equal favour) and included Gladys Cooper, Barry and Stanley Lupino, George Robey, Harry Randall, Harry Tate; all freely donating their services.

If you are able to help me solve either problem please email me. Click .

My Origins as found by DNA testing

A DNA test will provide you with a 20-digit number (10 pairs such as 14,12.23,10, and so on) from which your identity can be established. (That's why I am NOT going to divulge it) But you can identify you Y-Clan signature and I can confirm I am of the OISIN clan, with a high (H) level of confidence.

The literature received explains that the vast majority of native Europeans are members of six clans.