My 'grumpy old men about health' Problem page

Why did I write this page? Well, health-wise, I am not a 'happy bunny'.

So let's get over the 'gory' details first.

I didn't worry about health problems until a serious stroke in 2002 ended my active life.

Since then my dear wife has sustained me; but she's not getting any younger.

My domestic input is now meagre. But I have learned a lot about health matters which, had I known them before 2002, could perhaps have enabled me to avoid the stroke and other of my present problems.

I would like to pass on a few 'pearls of wisdom'. No fee for this! If they help you, just pass on the knowledge, or why not support whichever charity you feel comfortable with. Unfortunately they need so much cash now just to keep going, there seems not enough now to do the work they were set up for.

Nose bleeds.

Four times within a few months I was taken by ambulance to A & E with an unstoppable nose bleed. The first three times my nose was cauterised and I was sent home; the fourth time I was kept in for the week-end to see a specialist. Her remedy was simple and I have had no problems ever since. She prescribed a pack of salt water capsules!

Now when I get a nose bleed I merely roll up a paper tissue, dab it with salt water and plug my nose. No more panics! Why didn't the first three doctors know that?

(To add about exercise, balance, macular hole, diet, etc)